Betting is Mathematics

  • Betting is a great opportunity to earn money; however, it is not a question of intuition with respect to the potential winning tip, but a question of mathematics.
  • Betting is not only about betting a certain amount of money and waiting whether the tip will turn out well or not, but about making an appropriate betting plan.
  • Basic mathematical considerations are necessary.
  • The key lies in appropriate initial capital, distribution of such capital and an advantageous rate.

Betting in Practice

In order to make betting as efficient as possible, you must adhere to the following sentence:
“The fundamental thing is to bet the same financial amount for each individual match throughout the period of the purchased tariff.”
daily financial capital of 20,000.00 to be used for 5 tips per day you will bet the same amount of 4,000.00 for each match at the rate of 2.00 per one tip. in our experience, at least 4 TIPS PER DAY turn out well result: the basic capital will be increased by 4*4,000.00 and decreased by 1*4,000.00 lost by the unsuccessful bet thus, the final amount in your account will be 32,000.00 at the end of the day.